Bather & Brusher Course
  Anatomy of the Dog, Dog Handling, Brushing, Dematting, Nail cutting, Ear cleaning,
  Anal Gland, Shampoo and Hand Drying, Cleaning and Maintaining equipment.

Professional Groomer Course
  Clipper use, shaving and Breed Styling, Scissor Trimming.
Professional Stylist Course
  Special Trimming and Maintenance, Advanced Scissoring, Poodle Styling.
Instructor Course
  You can be an instructor. This course will teach you instruction methods
  and student management skills.

Salon Managment Course
  Owning and managing your own grooming shop can be a complicated business.
  Managing clients, setting up the shop, taking appointments and avoiding client
  problems are some of the critical skills you will learn in this course.

Course Schedules & Tuition Fees